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Mizari Enterprises Inc. is a leading provider, importer and distributor of audio and video technologies to large-scale consumers for over 20 years. We are an approved vendor of multiple retail channels, B2B, US Government, Hospitals, Nursing homes, and Casinos. Our strong relationships and commitment to our customers is the foundation of our company.

As experts in sourcing, marketing, design, development, engineering, production, and control system integration, we utilize the most advanced technologies and software in the implementation of projects in a wide variety of industries. Our primary mission is to provide our member companies around the world with methods, opportunities, products and solutions to help them improve customer quality and loyalty, achieve speed to market, and maximize market share.

With a proven track record of integrating successful solutions, Mizari Enterprises is a leader in product development and distribution, and a natural partner that brings the expertise necessary for your next venture.

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Mizari Enterprises offers a comprehensive suite of warehousing and logistics services at all of our facilities. In addition to serving all your "offline" retailers' needs, we now offer a full suite of services catering today's online world.

We use advanced technologies in each fulfillment warehouse in order to provide a competitive advantage to our clients. These technologies include state-of-the-art solutions such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Radio Frequency and Barcode technologies, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), web-based client access to important data anytime anywhere, as well as advanced security solutions to ensure merchandise is safe at all times.

Our intuitive and user-friendly customer e-Portal enables you, our client, to take full advantage of our technologies. You get complete visibility of your inventory, the ability to view orders, create customized reports, manage invoices, and more. In addition, our capability to communicate with customers through the use of Electronic Data Interchange has increased the speed, accuracy, integrity, and reliability of data, reduced costs for our clients, and brought on efficiencies that would otherwise not be possible.

Some of the advantages that our warehousing and fulfillment technologies have created for our clients include:

  • Full visibility and real-time information - anywhere, anytime. No matter where in the world Mizari clients may be, they have instant access to important real-time data, such as inventory counts and shipment dates
  • Ability to create and manage important projects and tasks, such as inbound/outbound orders
  • Ability to access, collect and export important data
  • Fast and accurate order processing and increased inventory accuracy
  • Elimination of costs commonly associated with returns, damaged products, and incorrect orders
  • Elimination of excess inventory, decrease in labor and/or resource expenses, and reduction in manufacturing costs


Mizari's advanced fulfillment capabilities, and in particular its Pick-and-Pack service are used for each of your outbound orders. Inventory items requiring special packaging and organization will be handled appropriately to ensure proper shipping and inventory management. Pick-and-pack warehousing readies products for final shipment through case breaking and repackaging. This labor intensive service includes picking multiple SKUs, packing and affixing labels and packing lists. We specialize in pick-and-pack services for a variety of items to complete fast, efficient, high-quality fulfillment.

Pick-and-pack services help to maintain inventory organization without adding labor to your system. Each item is repackaged according to your specifications and shipped as units you can directly list and sell. By pre-sorting and labeling products, your staff can display your items quickly and efficiently around your store. Pick-and-pack warehousing gives you the most efficient system for inventory management and the highest cost-efficiency. We understand that your business is unique and at Mizari we provide that extra touch.


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